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  • Low OEM Prices
  • Single or Dual Channel (Bidirectional) Output
  • Zero Reference Option
  • TTL, CMOS or Sine Wave Output
  • Line Driver Output available
  • LED Light Source

The 2000 Series Incremental Shaft Encoder has been designed to meet OEM requirements for a low cost, self-contained encoder which offers many of the features of far more expensive units.

Its small size (2.3" diameter x 1.6" long) permits its installation in limited space. The package size is the same for either the square wave, amplified sine wave or line driver output versions. Either type of output is available at 5, 12 or 15 volts with up to 2000 pulses per revolution.

The optical system features LED light sources and a sensor array made from a monolithic silicon chip. This insures good uniformity and results in insensitivity to temperature and aging effects. The array also provides closely clustered read-out locations to minimize sensitivity to disc run-out and shaft loading.

  • Copying Machines
  • •Machine Tool
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Photo-typesetters Printers
  • Printers
  • Rack and Pinion Read-outs
  • Phaselock Servos
  • Digital Potentiometers
  • Robotic Systems
  • Digital Servo Systems
  • Dispensing Equipment




1. Channel A leads Channel B for clockwise rotation when viewed from shaft end.

2. Symmetry is the ratio of the ON time to the OFF time of the output signal Optimally


3. Quadrature is specified by the displacement of Channels A and B in electrical degrees.

4. Zero Reference, when ordered is approximately centered on positive - going edge of Channel B and is 180∞ ± 90∞ (electrical) wide.

5. Complementary signals (A, B, Z) are available as options (standard with line drivers.)

6. Channel B and B are omitted on single channel units.